As the saying goes “good friends” may help you move, but great friends will help hide body, though in our case great friends help you reanimate one instead.

AmandaAmanda Dunham Ely
Writer/director Jonah D Ansell and Amanda Dunham Ely met and became friends in the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts MFA writing program. Previously, Dunham Ely has worked at a New York hedge fund and served as research and editorial assistant to Carl Bernstein. We are excited to welcome Amanda to the team to as lead producer.




mike raspatello - cadaver

Mike Raspatello
In addition to Amanda Dunham Ely, Mike Raspatello, a fellow native of Chicago and old friend, joins as producer on the project. Raspatello’s experience spans the production of the Chicago Bluegrass & Blues Festival, the North Coast Music Festival and other nationally recognized live music events.